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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  March 28, 2017 11:00am-11:31am PDT

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and scammers were intent on preying on victims. thank you for joining us. at 11:00, the city of san jose is ready to crack down on scammers who are capitalizing on the recent devastating flooding, and you recall they estimated an estimated $70 million last month, just the initial price tag. now, as homeowners are trying to get back on their feet, we are learning about contractors who are price gouging. that has the mayor and several members fired up. here's abc 7 news reporter matt
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keller from san jose. >> it was up to here. >> reporter: cleaning up after last month's flood has been a frustrating process. >> it's been a disaster. it's really been a disaster. >> reporter: several companies working on mary's home on south 20th street to dry out the basement and remove mold. untrained workers and billing issues, a headache. >> they gave me a receipt that said the amount of money from whom, for what, and the -- i sent it to the insurance company, and, of course, they said they can't accept that. >> reporter: the city took notice of complaints from residents. the mayor says it goes beyond incompetence. >> we have homeowners who are being billed by contractors, given an estimate for repairs of $2,000, and they get a bill of $8,000. those practices we know are just taking advantage of residents. >> reporter: leaders are taking on the so-called scam artists. san jose is one of only four cities in california with the ability to sue private parties
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were unfair business practices. they are asking for a price tag on the cost to go after these people in court. >> there's folks out there taking advantage of residents in vulnerable moments. we're coming after you. >> reporter: as for mary, she got to take a hot shower in her own louse. >> she did not have hot water or heating and air-conditioning for a month. >> reporter: they installed three with permits from the city of san jose. mary is happy with the work. >> so relieved. i was just going crazy because i wasn't, you know, i just wasn't getting people who were responsible and reliable and trustworthy. >> that was matt keller reporting. new details on the raiders' move to las vegas. the head coach jack del rio weighed in this morning at the afc coach's breakfast in phoenix and said although the team is moving from oakland, he hopes to enjoy the time left here in the bay area. >> we have the best fans.
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the loudest fans. the most die hard fans. so i want to enjoy them here and now. we want to make sure we put out a good product and play good ball and make them proud now. >> del rio and the raiders could have two seasons left at the coliseum in oakland before the move. that is not a done deal, though. the city of oakland is considering suing the team and possibly the nfl. city leaders say they feel the raiders' owner, mark davis, did not negotiate in good faith with them. oakland city counsel president, reid, is looking for a way to evict the raiders from the lease right away. >> because i don't want them here. they can go down to santa clara and play. they didn't want us. we busted our tails. they didn't engage with the city of oakland in trying to come up with a comprehensive deal to allow them to stay.
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>> the city says it'll lose money and jobs when the raiders move. the team employees 250 people locally. del ria admitted the transition is hard, but to put a positive spin on it and look forward to what's to come in vegas. >> we're looking for the future. it's exciting. you know, because the community there is super fired up about it. i think, you know, all of that is there. >> well, he went on to say ra raider nation will travel. they play in new stadium. we've got developments as they come on on the news app, and enable push alerts. new detills on yesterday's deadly fire in west oakland. a fourth victim died in the fire. crews are still at the scene this morning. they are combing through the rubble. the building was used by the
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nonprofit for transitional housing helping those at risk of becoming homeless or battling mental illness. abc 7 news iteam found the landlord, keith kim, tried to evict him after the ghost fire, but the building was dangerous and unsanitary. one of the leaders spoke with the iteam. >> how do you feel about what happened here? >> this is ridiculous. it's just another episode of a type of ghost ship, if you want my honest opinion, and we tried to prevent it. no one's listening. >> reporte >> city records detailed 20 complaints dating back ten years. abc 7 did not get a response from the building's owner and told the news group, though, the nonprofit was behind on rent. we know the oakland city counsel is discussing a new housing project with that land lord, keith kim, listed as a developer. it would hold 400 unites near
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the west oakland bart station. 31 unites set to be affordable housing. they meet at 5:00 tonight. new this morning, firefighters were searching for the person who may have started a fire at a lawn dro mat at 5:20 this morning on tennessee street. firefighters say the initial investigation shows the flames may have sparked from a cutting device that someone was trying to break in. the fire was contained within an hour and, so far, no arrests have been made. yet another fire in san francisco. two people now recovering after being rescued this morning. flames broke out shortly before 9:00 a.m. at a three story apartment building on terrible street near 47th avenue. firefighters had to rescue a 9 is 1-year-old woman using a wheelchair from a third floor window. a second adult rescued. both in the hospital for observation and are stable. the cause of the fire is under investigation now. take a look. this huge high fire in the central valley. this is what it looks like when
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more than 400 tons of hay goes up in flames. it happened overnight, still burns in fresno right now. fortunately, no one hurt. firefighters are on call to ensure flames do not spread. no word what sparked it. you may recall the deadly bus crash last year. the ntsb is expected to announce the cause today. the january 19th crash on highway 101 left two passengers dead. the ntsb's preliminary investigation showed no signs of mechanical issues or drugs or alcohol in the driver's system. a man carrying a package near the white house taken into custody after making suspicious comments to an officer patrolling the grounds. they tweeted a photo after the man was in a patrol car. a bomb squad examined the packa package. it was fine. the secret service closed parts of the white house grounds in the investigation. well, thousands of women and some big name stars are taking over san francisco right now. we're going to take you inside the conference ahead of hillary
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clinton's keynote speech today. we know how good breast-feeding is for your children, right? now doctors say a long term benefit may not be true. and weather-wise, couldn't be a more gorgeous day waiting outside. the window weather, looking back at the golden gate bridge, the turn around, yesterday, upper 50s, mid-60s, more warmth on the way, 80s, and a small chance of rain in the middle o
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welcome back, breaking news in san jose. major police activity on berkshire drive. the man there is in custody right now. crew at the scene says police were called to the area on a report of a man inside of home with a weapon. police surrounded the home on the 1100 block and were able to detain the man. residents in the area were told to stay inside during the police action. it is not clear what led up to the confrontation or what charges, if any, the map will face. updates on the story online and on air as available. well, happening right now, hillary clinton, r and more in francisco along with thousands of women. it's a conference all about celebrating strength and working for gender equality. abc 7 news reporter is live at the center for us. hey, amy. >> reporter: hi, good morning, i had a great time getting to see
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you here this morning. i was so glad to see you smiling face. abc 7 news anchors and reporters are here in huge numbers and we're proud to be here. check out the on the stage this morning, interviewing actress and activist dawson, a hit with the crowd, and other names this morning with henson and, of course, hillary clinton giving the keynote address. our sheryl jennings was a prom innocent part of the morning session. abc 7 news is a sponsor of the professional businesswomen's conference which sold out, 5,000 tickets, all gone. some women told us they keep coming back because they get so much out of it, and there's always so much more to come and see and hear. >> so i've been to the conference before, and every time, i at least picked up one thing to apply to the day-to-day or maybe someone said something so inspirational it motivates me throughout the rest of the year. >> i'm looking forward to henson. she's having a book signing,
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and, of course, with hillary. ending notes with her? can't waitment cannot wait. >> reporter: hillary clinton will speak later this afternoon. her first appearance in the bay area since the election. a board member told us she fell out of her chair when she heard clinton was willing to speak here. excitement surrounding her appearance. we have an abc 7 news booth. it was a joy to be there meeting loyal viewers. this is the 28th year of the conference. the theme this year is inclusion now. the audience was told first thing this morning that the level of the -- the level field is not level. it is tilted. that women need to fight for inclusion now. reporting live in san francisco, amy hollyfield. >> it was a joy to be there as well. thank you. that's right, 5,000 women gathering right now in san francisco. i had the privilege of kicking off the conference a couple hours ago. i can tell you the energy was
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infectio infectious. >> hey, pbwc! what do we want? >> inclusion now. >> good morning! >> yep. that's the theme, inclusion now. thank you, all, for saying hi. it's amazing to meet you. i'll take you behind the scenes. follow the whole journey on t t twitter. all right, the last physical piece of the old bay bridge comes down today, an end of an era. we'll check on the demolition for you. the benefits of breast-feeding, does it make your baby smarter? a live look from our east bay hills camera right now, we are seeing blue skies, and i'm not mad.
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new this morning, removing the final truss section of the bay bridge. we watched all morning long. there's a time lapse video showing the progress. you see the truss next to the new bay bridge span. nearly 2 million pound 300-foot long section loaded on barges and taken to the port of oakland to be taken apart. >> we've been bringing down 19 trusses over the last about year and a half, and before that, we brought down the monsterous can lever meaning all the high steel of the 80-year-old structure is now going to be down. >> up next, the demolition of the bridge's remaining foundation, and crews are expected to finish that work by next year. speaking of the bay bridge, wow. look at that. the stretch headed
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francisco, gorgeous this morning under those beautiful blue skies. another great day to get outside, enjoy the weather, have lunch outside, and we have mike to thank for the second day of dry weather. >> really? >> yeah. >> okay. >> all the credit. >> you know how i am about that. if it rains thursday, do i get credit for that? >> we'll blame you. >> there you go. nice job. >> oh, well thank you. >> such a cool event. >> amazing. i'll go after the show. we'll talk to former olympians about their passion and how they excelled and succeeded and help me along with that a little bit too, and everybody else in the conference. here a look at the east bay hilts camera back towards the richmond bridge. you see the mountains there. look at the sunshine. warmer than average today. a chance of random light showers thursday. the big thing you'll notice thursday, it's going to be ten degrees cooler than tomorrow. for this weekend, storm track up to the north. look at all that sunshine thanks to an area of high pressure. look what it's doing to the temperatures, 68 in antioch.
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look at mill valley, 67. a little cooler, 59, in san francisco. 57 in half-moon bay, zik60 in n freemont. a little ways to emeryville, the sky is as blue as the bay is. there's clean air out there. where the sunscreen to do the yard work, minor drying in the yard today. warmer this afternoon to exercise. at the coast, though, a couple things to think about. dangerous waves out there. they are creating rip currents, sneaker waves, and large shore breaks through this evening. we've also got winds at the coast. they are going to pick up. they are 18 miles per hour now, but no 6:00 to 9:00, there's waves wands to content with. one last thing. if you have allergies, wow. that tree pollen is out of control today. uv index high also. check out 280 at 17 and all of
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san jose that we can see from the camera there. 61 at the coast. the rest of us, 2:00 in the upper 60s, 70s by 4:00, in the mid or upper 50s by 6:00. look at the temperatures. 69 in san francisco. 66 in half-moon bay, 70 to 75 for the rest of us, but more tomorrow, warmer, there you go thursday, just a few showers, that's mainly in the morning from about 4:00 to noon, and then a rapid decrease in the cloud cover, and look at the near 70 at the coast, mid 70sss toth 0 for the rest of us. >> looks great, thank you. now to a new study on the benefits of breast-feeding. does it make your baby smarter in the long term? researchers say although breast-feeding has many positive benefits for newborns, there's little impact on long term cognitive development. nearly 8,000 babies took part in the study. researchers tracked them for years and found at age 3, yeah,
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children who breast-fed had fewer problems with hyper acivity, but it was no different by age 5. dr. ashton says more research needs to be done and recommends new moms continue to breast-feed. >> babies who are breast-fed, lower risk of sids, asthma, obesity, for the mom, a lower risk of breast and ovarian kaernt. it is recommended by every professional organization that deals with moms and babies. >> this new study is published in the journal of pediatrics. now to the morning money report. a strong economy credited were boosting air travel in the u.s. for a new record high. new numbers show american and foreign airlines carried nearly 929 million domestic and international passengers last year. that's up 3.5% from the previous record. air travel rises steadily because of cheaper air fare and widespread availability of more affordable flights. we have new details in radio
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shack's bankruptcy now. the struggling retailer says it may close its headquarters in texas and layoff its corporate employees. that move impacts 150 people. it's part of radio shack's effort to stay in business. this news comes two weeks after the company announced it would close 200 stores across the country including some here in the bay area. michael and the popular 7 on your side tax line return this afternoon. irs agents and tax experts are here to answer your tax questions. phone lines open from 4:00 to 8:00 p.m. or submit questions now on facebook and twitter, use the #askfinny. seriously talented parrots. hear from cocoa.
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coming up at 4:00, awaiting former secretary of state, hillary clinton, keynote speech at the professional businesswomen's conference. will she take on president trump? also, a new way to think of dust collectors. tonight on abc 7 news at 5:00, how devices reveal secretings of the sierre nevada. to a true moe man tick, in this case, a parrot named cocoa who loves mozart and his
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girlfriend and so he serenades her. ♪ i mean! so impressive. why is he walking away. he's a rescue, lives in sydney, australia, and loves listening to and singing classical music, but we're told his girlfriend, ms. charlie, is not often impressed by his talent. >> what? >> we are, though. incredible. >> good range. >> oh, yes, absolutely. now, mike, what time will you be out at pbwc? speaking to former olympians, right? >> leaving in five minutes, so 12:20, 12: fourth, talking to a few olympians, their idea why they are there, what they hope to achieve or help to dispel to others to achieve. >> absolutely. >> they are -- yeah, it's living authentic lives with olympian values is what it comes down to.
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>> well, sounds like something i want to see, mike, thank you. >> you bet. >> it will be fun. a live look at lake tahoe, a change of pace, white stuff out there and blue skies for us here at home. from all of us here, thank you for joining us.
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>> i have a feeling i may be giving away some serious money today, because we've got some of the smartest kids in america backstage right now, and they did not come here to lose. stay right there, because it's whiz kids week on "who wants to be a millionaire." [cheers and applause] [dramatic music] ♪ hey, everybody, it's whiz kids week on "who wants to be a millionaire." my favorite. today's whiz kid was named indiana's top young scientist twice, has rubbed elbows with president obama twice, and has a provisional patent on her award-winning invention. she's not even old enough to drive. from munster, indiana, please welcome 14-year-old annie ostojic. [cheers and applause] annie, how you doing? >> good, how are you? >> good. ♪ i have this bizarre feeling that i'


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